Jekyl and Hyd’s distinctive feature/identity revolves around the concept of maintaining two contrasting elements, in all its aspects of design.

Jekyl and Hyd offer stylish clothing with a touch of controversial. a label that is fresh, exciting and forward thinking. Our aim is to empower you to have the confidence to stand out, with our unique high-end clothing line for all.

The brands edgy style appeals to individuals seeking to express and embrace their alter ego.

Style conscious individuals who appreciate quality products and unique designs, who are willing to invest in well made exciting premium clothing with an edge, and relevant to their lifestyles. These forward thinking individuals seek to make a bold statement with their appearance, by making distinctive, innovative style choices.

Jekyl and Hyd are now reforming and together with our CEO (Marketing Chief Executive) on board the business is expanding into newer areas.

We offer a fusion of traditional clothing on the edge, contemporary styling with maximum character, simple but outrageous, traditional but contemporary, clothing that empowers you.

‘Jekyl and Hyd has no rules except be yourself’


Sheila Dass, Founder & CEO has been the driving force behind the Jekyl and Hyd brand. With over 30 years experience in the fashion industry in London, an MA in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins College, and a BA in Fashion Textiles from Birmingham University.

Having worked in a variety of positions and companies across the sector Sheila has gained a wealth of experience

from Designer labels to high street and manufacturing companies. Having worked for numerous fashion labels throughout her career, where her entrepreneurial spirit was truly lit and came to life, ranging from designers such as Alexander McQueen among many more. www.sheiladass.com & jekylandhyd.com

‘As the designer of Jekyl and Hyd my mission is to empower confidence to feel and look your best by creating clothes that expresses individuality and creativity’


Jekyl and Hyd designs offer a fresh and exciting individual style. Our message emphasises the confidence and exclusivity that comes with owning our statement pieces. Great design is at the heart of everything we do.

Jekyl and Hyd has no rules except be yourself’

We believe self-expression is key to feeling and looking confident, and offer a modern new and exciting way to enhance your unique personality and provide you with cutting-edge designs to enhance your individuality, embody attitude, and inspire.

If you want to stay a head of the fashion pack with stylish iconic clothing, and stand out from the crowd then Jekyl and Hyd offers all this.

Jekyl and Hyd is a bold and progressive label offering a high-end line of quality and cutting edge design, a tech wear  collection embracing fashion and technology, combining style and Innovation, and a collection of affordable pieces for  customers who want a piece of Jekyl and Hyd, without the premium price.

We embrace inclusivity and aim to offer a range of genderless clothing and accessories. By breaking traditional gender norms we provide options that can be embraced by all individuals, regardless of gender identity.

To complete and enhance the look together with our selected affiliate partnerships and collaborations we will offer jewellery and accessories to add the perfect finishing touches, and complement our clothing line. A range of beauty skincare, hair care, and makeup products designed to enhance and elevate. Stylish décor to create a sanctuary to your home, from scented candles to plush cushion’s, and blankets.  Our at home collection will create a space that reflects your unique personality and elevate your home with our carefully  chosen pieces.

We will provide you with valuable content to enhance your fashion knowledge, and discover a world of fashion-forward ideas,  style guides, that will inspire and empower you, stay up-to-date with the latest styling tips, and industry insights.

We prioritise customer service and offer a positive and seamless shopping experience by providing assistance, personalised recommendations, and addressing any concerns or inquires promptly. Customer satisfaction is key to us.

We promote acceptance and the inclusion of all people across races, religion, gender, and sexuality, age, shape, and colour and support positive body image for all shapes and sizes with no limitations.

A sustainable action plan will be put in place by identifying products that help reduce concerns about the impact on the  environment, contributing to a culture of being an environmentally conscious business.

We are transitioning into a unique high-end clothing brand, a label that is fresh, exciting and forward thinking, and aims to empower you to have the confidence to stand out.

At the same time we will contribute to a sustainable business and make a difference, clothing that looks good, and a business that has values.


We offer a platform for unique personalities to show case their quality products, and be part of the Jekyl and Hyd’s lifestyle to inspire creativity. Our aim is to build partnerships in the home and goods industry to cross-promote products and support each other.

If you are a brand that would like to be an affiliate/collaborate with us then send me a message and I’ll be in touch soon!